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We offer both Installation & Delivery Services

Installation Service Includes

  • Bed Edging
  • Minor Weeding
  • Bed Clean-Up
  • Mulch & Installation

Additional services

  • Removal of Old Mulch
  • Typar Weed Barrier Installation
  • Pre-Emergement, such as Treflan, Preen, Snapshot

Contact us for an estimate or use our estimator. For Delivery service: call us – or – email us with the amount of mulch you need, the color and when you would like it delivered.
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About Our Mulches

We use all premium quality mulch, which means you won’t get chopped up pallets or telephone poles used in a lot of other mulches. We offer Black & Brown dyed mulch as well as Premium bark mulch. The dyed mulches are all organic and will not harm plant material or damage soil.

Tips To Applying Landscaping Mulch

After you have decided which material to use, it’s time to apply it to your lawn or garden. Here are some things to remember when using mulch for your landscaping project:

  • Mid to late spring is the best time to put down mulch.
  • The area needs to be weed-free before mulching.
  • If you are mulching around plants, water them first, and then apply the mulch
  • Be careful not to pile too much on your plants.
  • Pull mulch away from woody stems and tree trunks one to two inches
  • The bigger the pieces of mulch, the deeper the layer needs to be
  • Consult a specialist about which mulch type best suits the size and style of your lawn or garden
  • Pathways, slopes, and areas prone to flooding or high wind need special consideration
  • Pull away old mulch gradually as the temperatures warm
Black dye
Brown dye
Premium Root

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