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Our outdoor lighting designs will not only add value, but will give your house that extra panache to stand out from the rest. Contact us to get started or use our estimator tool to get an instant estimate.

What’s included:

A 5 year no hassle warranty on every last part, including the bulbs.*

*Vandalism & accidental breakage due to stepping on, hitting with lawn mower or car, etc… are not covered.

Lighting maintenance package:

Sign-up for our lighting maintenance package and never worry about your lights again. Maintenance contract includes bulb replacement, cleaning all lenses and fixtures including the transformer, checking volts and amperage to ensure optimum performance.

If your lights go out before a party (fuse blows or circuit overloads) give us a call and we will have them back up and running in no time with our emergency service included in the maintenance contract. Lighting maintenance contracts are billed annually and starts after initial first year warranty expires. For further information please contact us.

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