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Irrigation provides what your lawn and garden needs. With our designed and installed irrigation systems not only will you get a healthy plants & fantastic looking lawn, you’ll also have 24/7 support.

Our systems provide years of hassle free maintenance and ease of use. We’ll even design your system to use an alternative water source, such as a creek, pond, or cistern. Contact us for more information.

Irrigation maintenance services

See below and check our estimator for pricing – or – call 855-321-Landscape.


Annual maintenance package includes:

  • Spring startup
  • Monthly system inspections
  • Any repair and maintenance required
  • Winterization services

Spring startup includes:

  • Turn on water inside and outside the property
  • Visually inspect system for leaks
  • Run system through test to check for proper operation of controller
  • Check all heads for proper adjustment
  • Clean or replace head filters as needed
  • Check rain sensor for proper operation and replace battery if necessary
  • Set irrigation timer for standard spring run times

Winterization service includes:

  • Turn off main water supply to system
  • Visually check system for leaks or damages
  • Winterize complete system by blowing compressed air through system
  • Turn off controller

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