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(Full time / Part time) Flexible Hours.
Purpose and Description:

Position is responsible for meeting clients & producing accurate and timely estimates. Most estimates will focus on landscape management & contracts, to a lesser extent, irrigation, lighting and hardscape projects.

Position is responsible for staying abreast of product, supply and sub-contractor prices as well as the Company’s operating production capabilities to ensure accurate estimates. Position negotiates pricing with vendors, subcontractors, performs site assessments and makes decisions on how to adjust price based upon circumstances of site or project. Position interacts with office manager, and crew foreman daily.


Full time / Must be able to work Weekends when needed.
Purpose and Description:

Lead team of 2-3 guys. Ensure daily tasks are completed to specs. Ensure crew truck and equipment is in proper working order and DOT compliant. Must have a minimum of 3 years landscape experience. Be familiar with plants and shrubs. Understand and know how to work all equipment from skid-loaders to backpack blowers.

Landscape crew member:

Full time / Must be able to work Weekends when needed.
Purpose and Description:

Work with 3-4 crew members and ensure daily tasks are completed to specs. Training will be provided.

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